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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Serena Williams Says Russian Tennis Champ Maria Sharapova Is “Sexy”

She knows a thing or two about sex appeal. And the tennis star complimented Russian teenager Maria Sharapova on Tuesday for having lots of it.

Maria Sharapova

"She's sexy," Williams said, smiling. Organizers of this week's WTA Championships have focused their advertising on Maria, the 17-year-old blond beauty who stunned tennis by winning Wimbledon in July . Her leggy image is featured in a tournament poster with the tag line, "The closer you sit the hotter she gets."
"I love her legs in this picture. Her legs are so sexy," Williams said, studying the black and white shot of Maria Sharapova sitting in a short skirt on a court. "She is not being sold in this picture. This is a hot picture. If you're not ready to sell pictures, then you shouldn't be part of the tournament. Unfortunately, I hate to say it, but sex sells."

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