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Thursday, February 03, 2005


Maria Sharapova and Anastasia Myskina are ready to play on the same team at the Russia Fed Cup, Shamil Tarpishchev, the Russia Fed Cup captain and the president of the Russian Tennis Federation, said at a press conference Wednesday.

Maria Sharapova

"We have talked it over with Maria Sharapova's father. We solved this problem last December," said Mr. Tarpishchev. "There is no conflict between Myskina and Sharapova, Anastasia is ready to be on the same team with Maria." Mr. Tarpishchev also emphasized that all the Russian tennis players had to be ready to play for Russia at any moment. "We will choose the ones who are best prepared," he added. Last autumn Ms. Myskina said she did not want to join the set-up in 2005 if Sharapova would be there, because the behavior of Sharapova's father towards other tennis players was inapropriate. Mr. Tarpishchev promised to resolve the situation.

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At 24/2/05 01:19, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope Maria Joins the fed cup team.Myskina is wong and she needs to get over it. She's such a baby.

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