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Friday, August 12, 2005

Two of the world's leading female tennis players will compete in a match in Seoul next month.

Maria Sharapova

They said that Russia's Maria Sharapova and America's Venus Williams will play against each other in eastern Seoul on Sept. 19 on the Korean post-harvest holiday of Chuseok. It promises to be the highestprofile tennis game ever in South Korea, according to organizers who hope it will promote the sport in a country more fascinated by other sports such as football and baseball. The 18-year-old Sharapova won the women's Wimbledon title in 2004, but the 25-year-old Williams took the coveted trophy last month.

Maria Sharapova stole the show last year at the Hansol Korea Open, the first WTA tour tournament ever held in South Korea. Although she only played several matches here, her visit led to a burst of interest in tennis across the country and media headlines that read "Sharapova Fever."

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At 14/8/05 15:54, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am from the U.S.A,but,I hope Maria kicks Venus's ......Maria IS the greatest!

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