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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Maria Sharapova has a secret dream

Maria Sharapova has a "secret dream", which is not winning all the four Grand Slams, but to try her hand at designing clothes. She said that she wants to launch her own apparel line.

Maria Sharapova has a secret dream

“My dream is to have my own clothing line,” the Daily Express quoted her, as saying. However, the robust sportswoman doesn't support the size 0 trend. Maria said that when she attended LA fashion shows, she was shocked to see emaciated models who looked like they were going to ‘break’.

“I never realized the super-skinny thing was a reality until I started going to fashion shows in LA. I see the girls step onto the runway and think, 'Poor things!' They look as if they're about to break,” added Maria Sharapova.

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